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Comment on shop currencies and shop languages


Please chose your currency top right if not provided automatically!

You will be shown the products prices in the currency of your country.

We offer over 100 languages and about 160 currencies. 

The whole shopping process from search to checkout is in your chosen language and currency!

We are proud to offer these functionalities and are convinced that not many other shops do rival that! 


Currency conversions are according to the momentarily prevailing rates. EURO and other-than-EURO values always correspond. No commissions or rate adjustments are applied.

We will never see your payment details of Paypal accounts or credit card numbers. All such information rests with the payment provider only. We use Stripe for credit card processing - trusted by millions of businesses all over the world.

Please register an account and sign-up above - you will have to enter payment details only once for aditional security and the system will remember at your next visit.



Please chose your language at the top!

The whole shop is available in more than 100 languages!

Each language has its own sub-domain, each of which is individually indexed in various internet search engines, so that the shop is available as a separate site in your language, like:

shoppingdirect24.com          - the main site in English

de.shoppingdirect24.com      - the shop in German

fr.shoppingdirect24.com        - French

es.shoppingdirect24.com       - Spanish

pt.shoppingdirect24.com       - Portuguese

The logic is the same for all remaining languages.

If it is Bulgarian, Arabic, Galician or Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Indonesian, Hindi, etc. All the languages are there. Just chose from the selector box.

The language translation is performed from the English site as the base language and the translation quality is neural level, not just syntactic translation like for example in Google translate.

For limitations by the shop platform provider the search function must momentarily be performed in English language words, regardless of the chosen shop language.

en English
af Afrikaanssq Albanianam Amharicar Arabichy Armenianaz Azerbaijanieu Basquebe Belarusianbn Bengalibs Bosnianbg Bulgarianca Catalanceb Cebuanony Chichewazh-cn Chinese (Simplified)zh-tw Chinese (Traditional)co Corsicanhr Croatiancs Czechda Danishnl Dutchen Englisheo Esperantoet Estoniantl Filipinofi Finnishfr Frenchfy Frisiangl Galicianka Georgiande Germanel Greekgu Gujaratiht Haitian Creoleha Hausahaw Hawaiianiw Hebrewhi Hindihmn Hmonghu Hungarianis Icelandicig Igboid Indonesianga Irishit Italianja Japanesejw Javanesekn Kannadakk Kazakhkm Khmerko Koreanku Kurdish (Kurmanji)ky Kyrgyzlo Laola Latinlv Latvianlt Lithuanianlb Luxembourgishmk Macedonianmg Malagasyms Malayml Malayalammt Maltesemi Maorimr Marathimn Mongolianmy Myanmar (Burmese)ne Nepalino Norwegianps Pashtofa Persianpl Polishpt Portuguesepa Punjabiro Romanianru Russiansm Samoangd Scottish Gaelicsr Serbianst Sesothosn Shonasd Sindhisi Sinhalask Slovaksl Slovenianso Somalies Spanishsu Sudanesesw Swahilisv Swedishtg Tajikta Tamilte Teluguth Thaitr Turkishuk Ukrainianur Urduuz Uzbekvi Vietnamesecy Welshxh Xhosayi Yiddishyo Yorubazu Zulu