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We are proud to offer free international shipping services worldwide for shopping carts above 25 Euro value. All products from 25 EURO are automatically eligible for free shipping.

How do you ship packages?
Packages from producers, warehouses, suppliers or distributors  in China, Hong Kong or Shanghai will be shipped by EPacket if available for your country to guarantee speedy delivery and otherwise by the most economical services available. 

Shippings for products originating from other geographic locations will be performed using standard shipping, unless instructed otherwise.

Made on demand products will be produced and shipped by one of our made on demand print and production partners. For the majority of made on demand products production  and shipping facilities are in several continents and countries (US, various EU countries and Australia). In most cases the facilities nearest to you will be used to produce and ship the product. If for example you are an EU citizen we will strive to produce and ship from the EU to avoid you having issues with customs or other import problems. For the US, Australia and other regions and counties equivalent solutions are available and will be applied, if available. Exceptions may apply and be necessary for technical reasons or product stocking levels and availability.

What about customs?
Like other online retailers, we cannot be held responsible for any custom fees, import taxes or local handling fees once the items have been shipped. Customs conditions vary by country and there are also frequent changes. By purchasing our products, you consent that one or more packages for one order may be shipped to you and may get custom fees and handling fees when they arrive to your country and depending on your countries legislation.

You may want to enquire or search online about your countries customs conditions before ordering. The vast majority of goods will arrive without any such issues.

How long does shipping take?
Shipping time varies by location. These are our estimates, but cannot be guaranteed:
Location Estimated Shipping Time
United States                    4-15 Business days
Canada, Europe               6-25 Business days
Australia, New Zealand    6-30 Business days
Central & South America 15-55 Business days

Other destinations 15-55 Business days

Do you provide tracking information?
Yes, we will use tracking informtion if is available for your order. You will receive an email once your order ships that contains your tracking information. 
My tracking says “no information available at the moment”.
For some shipping companies, it takes 1-5 days to process your order and it may take a further 2-5 business days for the tracking information to update on the system. If your order was placed more than 6 business days ago and there is still no information on your tracking number, please contact us.
Will my items be sent in one package?
For logistical reasons, items in the same purchase will sometimes be sent in separate packages.
If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.



Whatever the reason for a refund or product return request may be, we will always strive for a good resolution!

Order cancellation
All orders can be cancelled until they are shipped. If your order has been paid and you need to make a change or cancel an order, you must contact us immediately. Once the packaging and shipping process has started, it can no longer be cancelled.

You get a refund when:
- The item you ordered did not arrive within the time promised - we have a pro-forma 60 days guaranteed delivery, while most products arrive significantly earlier.
- The item you received that was assured to be genuine, but was fake

If for any reason you do not want the product that you received you may request a refund but you must return the item and the item must be unused and in the original packaging. Alternatively, for reasons of economy (especially for low value products) and under our decision you may seek permission to destroy the product and send us foto-evidence - for this option please contact us before. We will advise on the return address for the item.

Refunds are also possible if the wrong item was received in terms of color, size, or model (evidence is needed [foto]).

Refunds are also possible if the item arrived in extremely poor quality (evidence is needed [foto]).

You need to contact your mail delivery service if:
- The package has arrived in a damaged condition
- The order went missing

Please note that size measurements given may wary slightly, as the measurements are often taken manually.

Colours on the product fotos may slightly differ as to illumination effects, camera angle or computer screen display issues.

We cannot accept return on products made on demand for you. Made on demand products are identified as such in the product description.

Refunds cannot be made if:
- Your order did not arrive due to factors within your control (i.e. providing the wrong shipping address, away from home for extended period and/or it was sent back by your post office as undeliverable)
- Your order did not arrive due to exceptional circumstances outside our control (i.e. not cleared by customs, delayed by a natural disaster).
Other exceptional circumstances outside our control.

You can submit refund requests within 15 days after the guaranteed period for delivery (60 days). You can do it by sending a message on the Contact Us  page.


Please note that the checkout and payment process is managed by the company MLVEDA and you will be redirected to their pages for that process. Checkout and payment are done in your chosen currency.


We will never see your payment details of Paypal accounts or credit card numbers. All such information rests with the payment provider only. We use Stripe for credit card processing - trusted by millions of businesses all over the world.


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